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Dolce Vita restaurant entered the Top 100 New Restaurant Concepts 2020 according to the Palm Branch award in the restaurant business 2020. On February 8, Moscow hosted the III Forum of Food Industry Leaders, where the “TOP-100 New Restaurant Concepts of Russia” was announced at the end of the forum ... This is the first stage of the Palme d'Or International Award for the Best Restaurant Concept /

During This Wonderful Christmas Time, Everyone Wants To Believe In Miracles. Dolce Vita restaurant invites you to go on a magical journey through gastronomy in the New Year 2021, which will take place on January 5, 2021. Give Yourself Real Emotions. Guests of the evening will be able to plunge into the festive atmosphere, see with their own eyes the process of cooking author's dishes right in the restaurant kitchen, listen to

Every year at the end of October a black and white truffle arrives directly from Piedmont to Kaliningrad. “Due to the epidemiological situation, we were not sure that we would be able to bring a truffle to Kaliningrad this year, so the preparation of the truffle menu was carried out with special trepidation and enthusiasm,” says the restaurant's founder Marina Ageeva. In the restaurant

The theme for the fall season of Chef's Table is geography. Symbolical, isn't it? Creating a set menu for dinner, we were inspired by the culture, technology and cuisines of different countries of the world, combining with Russian traditions and our vision.